Providing Compliant, Quality-Assured Cable Assemblies for the Aerospace Market

Carl Stahl Sava Industries knows it’s not enough to ensure your aerospace cable assemblies maintain standards set by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), as well as a host of other critical quality processes.

At Sava, we know that assemblies designed for military operations and aircraft control require something more. You need a cable assembly manufacturer that possesses a proven understanding of both cable construction, as well as the unique requirements of aerospace, government and commercial applications.

Work with a cable assembly manufacturer that has powered air travel, space exploration and military defense projects for almost 50 years. Sava is DFAR compliant and ITAR registered, and provides first-article inspection reports in AS9102 format.

Sava offers a comprehensive range of mil-spec cables and fittings, and provides products that comply with the MIL-T-6117 and MIL-T-781 standards as well. However, we don’t simply fulfill important requirements for military or commercial aircraft applications, Sava is also committed to meeting your exact requirements, no matter how custom or complex.

Custom aerospace cable assemblies for military or civilian applications

Beyond custom aerospace cable assemblies, Carl Stahl Sava Industries leverages our proven expertise in improving your applications as well, whether suggesting an FEP coating for a low coefficient of friction, or prestressing your custom assemblies to mitigate constructional stretch. If needed, Sava can also provide small-quantity production runs or prototyping for your organization before you invest in a complete production project.

Discover why the biggest names in the aerospace and defense category call Sava to produce the products that match our customer's high standards and sophisticated specifications. Browse the shopping section of our website to find the cable, fittings or push-pull components you need or bring your aerospace and military specifications and requirements to our expert engineering team.

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