Corporate Profile

Our Corporate Profile Offers a Glimpse into Our Wire and Cable Manufacturing Abilities

Leveraging in-house design, production, and testing to manufacture cable assemblies for diverse markets

A leading wire and cable manufacturer of high-quality, value-added precision cable assemblies, Sava Industries specializes in providing delicate miniature cables for national and international clients—ranging from sole proprietors to Fortune 100 companies. Our global presence is complemented by the number of industries we impact...including the medical, industrial, electronics, aerospace, and consumer goods markets as well as other verticals.

In-house capabilities for customized wire and cable manufacturing solutions

Sava isn’t simply a wire and cable manufacturer offering a vast product line. We also manufacture custom cable assemblies, thanks to our in-house design and manufacturing teams—both of which possess an in-depth knowledge of cable construction and application dynamics.

Our design engineering team can provide strategic advice to reach your goals in the most cost-effective manner. And our production staff holds extensive industry-specific expertise in stranding, assembly, extrusion, and molding. You’ll find that we can manufacture standard cables with nominal diameters of 0.006" and extremely tight tolerances.

No matter the size, construction, or materials required, we’re a wire and cable manufacturer that guarantees your finished product will conform to all specifications. Our commitment to quality is evident in our ISO 9001:2015 certification; our investment in the latest, most sophisticated testing equipment; and the rigorous standards held by our quality assurance team.

Find products that will effectively meet your requirements when you contact us, or explore the extensive selection within our catalog. For applications requiring custom cable manufacturing, request tailored solutions from our in-house experts.

Sava is ready to help you fully realize your project's potential and take your product to market.

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