Custom Assembled Solutions

Translating Your Concept into a Cable Assembly That’s Customized for Your Application

Carl Stahl Sava Industries possesses almost 50 years of experience in crafting high-quality, value-added cable assemblies for the needs of clients around the world.

From cables and pulleys, to fittings and push-pull components, Sava's comprehensive product line exists to accommodate the wide-ranging needs of the industries we serve.

But we go one step further to support your organization too!

We realize that your unique applications demand that Sava also possess unique expertise and fully customized solutions. If you can’t find a product that matches your requirements, our in-house engineering team can create customized cable assemblies, fittings and solutions to help you bring your products to life.

As a skilled cable manufacturer, Sava's expertise includes working with exotic materials, as well as materials that are standard across most cable assembly applications. Sava also has the capabilities and services to meet industry-specific needs for your custom assembly, such as providing small production runs, prototyping, stress relieving your cables or conducting ultrasonic cleaning - to name only a few.

Additionally, you can take advantage of Sava's lean and efficient production methods when producing your custom cable assemblies. Our clients enjoy the advantages of cost-effective prototypes, lean manufacturing processes and other cutting-edge cable manufacturing practices that bring value to organizations through each phase of the engagement.

Helping Companies Bring Their Products To Life

No matter where you are at in the design process, Sava will help bring your project to fruition.

While you may have predefined specifications, sometimes other project considerations may be less defined. Sava produces cable assemblies to rigidly meet client specifications, but our in-house engineers can also develop specifications based on nothing more than your innovative ideas. Our team will collaborate with your organization to ensure you are satisfied with the intended design before production gets underway.

Once production commences, Sava will continue to meet your requirements throughout the entire production process. Our quality assurance team are experts in metrology and closely monitor production of your custom solutions, from the first piece to the millionth. And because Sava honors the strictest standards for cable manufacturing, you can rest assured that the finished product will match your original vision, while achieving the standards set by governing bodies.

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