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Carl Stahl Sava Industries is a veteran manufacturer for industrial companies big and small. So, whether processing, machining, transporting or farming, Sava has spent almost a half century working with the most competitive industrial organizations on earth.

By leveraging almost five decades of cable construction experience, and our expert understanding of industrial applications, Sava powers industrial markets globally. Our customers rely on our breadth of products for larger custom assemblies, a complete array of pulleys, products for safety restraint and even custom push-pull control assemblies for remote actuation systems.

Although Sava's products are in use among industrial organizations throughout the world, we’re always committed to establishing ourselves among new customers requiring a cable assembly manufacturer as dedicated as they are themselves to meeting and exceeding international standards.

Sava proudly possesses an ISO 9001:2015 certification, is also FDA and ITAR registered and RoHS and REACH-compliant. Sava adheres to long-term quality, compliance and documentation procedures and our quality assurance team measures production practices against the same surgical standards you commit to meeting. Sava inspects at least one assembly for each lot produced and performs pull tests to ensure quality throughout the entire production run.

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Sava provides small and medium diameter cables, but these products represent a mere fraction of our capabilities. In addition to cables ranging from 0.006 inch to ⅜ inch, and pulleys from ⅜ inch to 6 inches, Sava also meets the demands of sizable industrial applications with large diameter cables and fittings.

Regardless of the industrial cable assembly you require, Sava invites you to collaborate with our in-house engineers to explore our customization capabilities. Whether you need a large or small production run, bring your specifications or your ideas to our talented and ambitious team of engineers.

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Work with a proven mechanical cable manufacturer with time-tested experience helping the most demanding industrial companies on earth.

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Carl Stahl Sava Industries maintains a family of services and products certain to help you realize your cable product's complete potential.

At Sava we manufacture custom, small and miniature cable assemblies, and do so meeting the demands of clients operating in intensely competitive markets. Sava's customers comprise small, mid-sized and large national and multinational corporations. Sava knows that whether you require over-the-counter products or a fully customized cable assembly solution, we are serving customers that cannot afford quality issues or problems in production. Sava is proudly ISO 9001:2015, FDA, ITAR, RoHS and REACH certified and possesses a team of 100 of the world's most seasoned cable manufacturing experts.

To make it easy to explore our products, Sava provides you with a downloadable catalog and ordering guide.

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