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High-quality pulleys prolong cable life and enable your applications to achieve their performance potential. Carl Stahl Sava Industries is a pulley manufacturer that understands the critical role pulleys play in your applications.

Customers rely on Sava's quality-assured pulley manufacturing for medical, surgical, commercial, military, fitness and a host of OEM applications. Get more familiar with our complete family of pulleys below and browse our wide selection today!

Valued-Added Pulleys For Any Application

Carl Stahl Sava Industries is proud to offer pulleys for virtually any wire rope and custom, miniature cable assembly application. Take a look below and see for yourself why the world over counts on Sava to keep your mechanical assembly needs moving at peak efficiency.

Applications supporting control mechanisms, drive systems, recorders, indicators and metering equipment.

If your application requires superior mechanical efficiency, our bearing-mounted, nylon pulleys are a cost-effective option. You’ll find our UP Series pulleys from 0.50” to 1.75” diameter are ideal for moderate load and speed applications that don’t require more precise ground bearings. Alternately, we offer the SP Series Pulleys for devices that do require more precision.

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Applications involving heavy loads and harsher working environments.

Because Sava is a pulley supplier that works with a number of industries, many of our customers design applications that will operate in corrosive environments or bear heavy loads. To meet even the most demanding environmental conditions, Sava offers our MP Series pulleys with bronze bushing, ranging from 0.75” to 2.00”.

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Applications requiring larger cable for heavier loads.

For devices involving loads up to 410 lbs., Sava suggests our CP Series pulleys, which provide precision steel balls, case-hardened steel races, light lubrication, machined raceways and a zinc-plated surface. We offer the option of internal lubrication and plastic seals.

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Applications using larger cables.

Sava also manufactures pulleys for larger cables. Our OP Series pulleys accommodate cables up to 3/8” with a 7x19 construction. You can choose an optional bronze bushing or roller bearing for your application.

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Applications using small cables or cord.

Sava’s bearing-mounted, LP Series nylon pulleys are principally engineered and designed for use with small cables and cords. Our LP pulleys offer significantly increased mechanical efficiency, as compared with plastic pulleys, and are substantially less expensive than the bearing-mounted alternatives currently on the market.

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Sava's pulley solutions also extend to military applications, using mil-spec cable and fittings, including — but not limited to — our MS20664 ball and shank and MS21260 threaded terminals.

Choosing the Correct Pulley

Our team understands that choosing the right pulleys for your cable assemblies requires thoughtful consideration, from bearing life, to minimum pulley diameter. Let Sava's engineering expertise guide you toward the best selection.


When cable is used over pulleys, the cable life can be significantly prolonged by proper pulley groove design. Laboratory tests prove that improper groove design reduces cable bending life up to 90%. These same tests show that doubling a pulley diameter can increase cable bending life up to thirteen times what is otherwise typical. Also, pulley diameters less than sixteen rope diameters fall into a range in which cable life is relatively low.

Cable life is reduced as the groove radius changes from the contour of the cable to a flat surface. For maximum cable life, the groove should make contact with the cable on at least 1/3 of the cable circumference.


Recommended Minimum Pulley Diameters to Maximize Life

Cable ConstructionPulley Diameters (Root)
3X7 50 times rope uncoated dia
7X7 40 times rope uncoated dia
7X19 25 times rope uncoated dia
7X49 15 times rope uncoated dia

The radius of bend has an effect on the strength of the cable. In order to take this into account in selecting the size pulley to be used with a given diameter cable, the following table can be used as a guide:

Ratio "A" = Pulley DIA/ Cable DIAStrength Efficiency compared to catalog strength in %
40 95
30 93
20 91
15 89
10 86
8 83
6 79
4 75
2 65
1 50

Sava has been manufacturing the pulleys the world depends upon for almost a half century. Talk to Sava's pulleys experts now and build it right the first time.

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Carl Stahl Sava Industries maintains a family of services and products certain to help you realize your cable product's complete potential.

At Sava we manufacture custom, small and miniature cable assemblies, and do so meeting the demands of clients operating in intensely competitive markets. Sava's customers comprise small, mid-sized and large national and multinational corporations. Sava knows that whether you require over-the-counter products or a fully customized cable assembly solution, we are serving customers that cannot afford quality issues or problems in production. Sava is proudly ISO 9001:2015, FDA, ITAR, RoHS and REACH certified and possesses a team of 100 of the world's most seasoned cable manufacturing experts.

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