Why Sava

There’s a Reason Why We Manufacture Cables for Industries Around the World

Discover what makes Carl Stahl Sava Industries the cable manufacturer and supplier we are today

A surgeon performs a heart operation using a beating heart medical device that uses a custom cable assembly produced by Sava. A robotics assembly releases a solar sail that powers a NASA satellite designed to photograph near-earth asteroids and yes, the assembly was built by Sava as well. The blades of aircraft propellers are deiced in freezing conditions using a cable assembly Sava produced.

Sava is powering the devices that ensure global innovation is underway in the vital science, health and safety industries we all depend upon daily.

These international customers can choose anyone, but they call on the high-quality products of Sava —a cable manufacturer supporting markets around the world for almost half a century. From the custom assemblies we design, to the variety of materials we work with, Sava is a cable products maker and supplier that deeply understands the needs of the organizations we serve.

Why choose Sava as their cable manufacturer?


Sava builds cable assemblies using both industry-standard materials, such as stainless and galvanized steel, as well as exotic materials like tungsten, nitinol and Vitallium®. Take a moment to find out how our world-class engineering team can help you realize your product’s fullest potential.


From providing design assistance to our full complement of value-added services, such as prototyping, Kanban, just-in-time (JIT) manufacturing and more, Sava leverages nearly five decades of expertise in process and design to meet your objectives on time, every time.


While Sava specializes in manufacturing and supplying cables, we also offer an extensive list of services, such as ultrasonic cleaning, passivation and annealing, to name only a few. Let Sava satisfy your requirements and improve the performance of your custom assemblies.


To be a critical supplier to the mechanical cable assembly market place, Sava has made a commitment to also providing a comprehensive inventory of over-the-counter fittings, cut lengths of cable, pulleys, tools and more. Take a moment to see how Sava can supply you with the fittings and accessories that comprise your custom assembly.


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Carl Stahl Sava Industries maintains a family of services and products certain to help you realize your cable product's complete potential.

At Sava we manufacture custom, small and miniature cable assemblies, and do so meeting the demands of clients operating in intensely competitive markets. Sava's customers comprise small, mid-sized and large national and multinational corporations. Sava knows that whether you require over-the-counter products or a fully customized cable assembly solution, we are serving customers that cannot afford quality issues or problems in production. Sava is proudly ISO 9001:2015, FDA, ITAR, RoHS and REACH certified and possesses a team of 100 of the world's most seasoned cable manufacturing experts.

To make it easy to explore our products, Sava provides you with a downloadable catalog and ordering guide.

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